Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher On Trolley

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher on trolley is made of seamless Maganese steel to withstand high storage pressure. It is effective on class B and class C fires and electrically non conductive.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher on trolley is used throug out industry as a protection against industrial fires involving dangerous chemical and gas. Carbon dioxide does not deteriorate with storage or freeze in the container. Carbon dioxide disperses without leaving any contamination or corrosive residue and will not damage valuable equipment and materials

Available Variations:

  • FEX079-CS-450-RD
  • FEX079-CS-320-RD
  • FEX079-CS-010-RD
  • FEX079-CS-250-RD
  • FEX163-CS-150-DD


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Code No. FEX079-CS-450-RD FEX079-CS-320-RD
Capacity, Kg 45 32
Working pressure, Bar 60 60
Cylinder test pressure, Bar 250 250
Approx. time of discharge, sec 75 60
Discharge hose (diameter/length) 1/2″Ø x 6m 1/2″Ø x 6m
Overall height, mm 1600 1420
Overall width, mm 2000 2000
Overall depth, mm 1170 1170
Full weight, Kg (lb) 150 (330) 112 (246)
Material of cylinder Maganese Steel BS 5045 Part 1
Paint Finish Grey or Red
Class of Fire B, C


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