Foam Inductor

Available variations:

  • FOS004-LA-225-YW
  • FOS004-LA-450-YW
  • FOS004-GM-225-YW
  • FOS004-GM-450-YW



  • Foam concentrate is drawn through a pick up tube at a preset foam concentrate
    amount and is added into the water stream.
  • Available with two flowrates
  • Body material: Aluminium Alloy and Gun Metal
  • Filters: Stainless Steel
  • Foam concentrate rate adjustable foam 1% to 6%. Flexible foam concentrate suction hose.
  • Inlet and outlet connection BS 336 Instantaneous

Code No.
 Flowrate @ 101 Psi (7 Bar)
 225 LPM
 450 LPM
 225 LPM
 450 LPM


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