Plastic Jet & Spray Nozzle European Jet & Spray Nozzle

SRI hose reel nozzles are designed, tested and approved to meet European Standard EN671-1 and Australian

Standard AS 1221.

Nylon and ABS material complies to ageing test in accordance to ISO4892-2.2.

Throw range position at 0.6M 30± inclination, in accordance to EN671-1 Clause 10.4

Flowrate meets the equivalent nozzle diameter of 6mm in accordance to EN671-1.

Available variations:

  • HRS065-GM-020-RD
  • HRS065-GM-025-RD
  • HRS057-PS-020-RD
  • HRS057-PS-025-RD



Code No. Setting Material Finishing Inlet Size Flowrate @ 30Psi (2.0 BAR) Throwrange @ 30Psi (2.0 BAR)
HRS065-GM-020-RD Jet / Spray Nylon / Brass Red 3/4″ (19 mm) 27L / MIN (JET) 11.5M
HRS065-GM-025-RD Jet / Spray Nylon / Brass Red 1″ (25 mm) 35L / MIN (JET) 11.5M
HRS057-PS-020-RD Jet / Spray Nylon Red 3/4″ (19 mm) 27L / MIN (JET) 11.0M
HRS057-PS-025-RD Jet / Spray Nylon Red 1″ (25 mm) 35L / MIN (JET) 11.0M


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