Stop Valve, Stop Valve With Nozzle Locking Device Ball Valve And Ball Valve With Compression Fitting

Available variations:

  • HRS109-GM-025-NA
  • HRP436-GM-025-CH
  • HYC122-GM-025-XX
  • HRS168-BR-025-NA



As required by British Standard, stop valves should be installed at the inlet of all hose reels and it should have a feature to ensure that the nozzle can only be released after opening the valve. SRI has provided an ingenious solution with a quick opening ball valve and nozzle locking device.

Code No. Size Material Working Pressure
HRS109-GM-025-NA 25mm (1″) ball valve with nozzle locking device Brass 14 Bar (203 psi)
HRP436-GM-025-CH 25mm (1″) ball valve Chrome 17 Bar (250 psi)
HYC122-GM-025-XX 25mm (1″) gate valve Brass 15.8 Bar (230 psi)
HRS168-BR-025-NA 25mm (1″) ball valve with compression fitting For Euro Type 2 Hosereel Brass 15.8 Bar (230 psi)


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